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Announcing LOVE & ESTROGEN, my e-book for Amazon Original Stories

My whole life, I have wanted to write something beautiful and true.

So when Danielle Friedman, my former editor at Fusion, reached out to see if I would tell my love story for Amazon Original Stories, I nervously accepted. Writing said story would require me to flex literary muscles I hadn’t used in a while: In journalism, what matters most is that your words are accurate; it matters less that they are pretty. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to push myself. And now, I’m excited to announce that…

LOVE & ESTROGEN is out today. You can read it on any device or listen to it on Audible. Please do one or the other—or both!

Love & Estrogen 
is a 66-page mini-memoir about meeting my wife Corey in an elevator at the Kinsey Institute in 2013, near the start of my gender transition. It features absolutely gorgeous illustrations and animations by Geoff McFetridge. (Just look at that cover! In the animated version, the fingers brush against each other and the wedding ring sparkles.)

Love & Estrogen is also part of an exciting new collection of love stories called THE REAL THING, featuring acclaimed writers like W. Kamau Bell, Eddie Huang, and Wednesday Martin. How I was deemed worthy enough of that company is beyond me, but I’ll take it!

To call Love & Estrogen a “labor of love” would be way too on the nose, so I’ll say this: It is the most challenging—and therefore most rewarding—piece of writing I have ever produced. I wanted every sentence to be as close to perfect as I could manage, especially because I was sharing the most intimate pieces of my personal history.

If you’ve got a spare hour coming up, give it a read. And if you enjoy it, please share far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media you still find yourself using in 2018!

My full-length book Real Queer America: LGBT Stories from Red States will be coming out from Little, Brown in March 2019. (And hey, did you know that my book is now available for preorder on Amazon right now?) But Love & Estrogen is, in many ways, my authorial debut—not just an amuse bouche, but a full-on heavy snack served ahead of the main course.

I know that Love & Estrogen is true because I lived it.

I hope you’ll think it’s beautiful.

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