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Why You Should Pre-Order REAL QUEER AMERICA

3F6177F0-E822-4189-ACE7-C7DB83C30F5BThis is it. The plea. Everyone who writes a book has to do this, so bear with me. If you’ve got at least $13.99, please, please, please pre-order Real Queer America: LGBT Stories from Red States.

The book is both a memoir and an LGBTQ travelogue. My personal story—of being closeted in Utah, coming out as transgender in Georgia, falling in love in Indiana, and meeting my best friends in Tennessee—serves as the backdrop for a present-day road trip through Trump country, meeting the amazing people living in so-called “real America” who are changing what that phrase means. It’s essentially a long love letter to LGBTQ communities in red states, where I’ve felt so much more warmth and cohesion than I do in bluer areas.

And I poured everything into this book. As a debut author, you never know if you’ll get to write another one, so I left it all on the field. This book is the best thing that I have ever done—and, if I’m being brutally honest about my creative potential—maybe the best thing that I’ll ever do. So, let me just say that pre-orders are very important.

They show my publisher that there is demand for the book, giving the marketing team a little extra wind in their sails. They give retailers a reason to increase their orders. They help surface the book on sales charts. Basically, so much of whether a book succeeds or fails depends on the magical number of people who say, “Yes, I’ll read this later.” And that’s where you come in.

The e-book version of Real Queer America is currently selling for $13.99 and the hardcover for $27—and either one you pre-order will help. If you do it now, you’ll forget that you did it by the time it comes out, and it’ll be like a gift to yourself from the past.

And whoever you are, thank you for your help. This book is so special to me. I’m just grateful I got to write the damn thing; seeing it do well would be icing on the cake.

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