Featured in Emory Medicine Magazine


For the Fall 2018 issue of Emory Medicine Magazine, I was happy to talk about one of the most amazing people at my alma mater: Dr. Vin Tangpricha, a world-renowned expert on transgender medicine. Below is a little snippet! And click through to read the rest.

Allen, who first saw a counselor at Emory’s Student Health Center, says she was excited just to get in to see Tangpricha, whose schedule is almost always full, and relieved she could finally get started.

“The most distinct impression I had from that meeting is, it’s so refreshing to be in a room with a medical professional who supports you, who makes you feel seen and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable,” Allen says.

With doctors Allen had seen for other issues during the start of her transition, there were awkward moments. “And so to come into the Emory Clinic and have Dr. Tangpricha just see me for who I am and exactly what I need, to make me feel affirmed, that made a huge difference,” she says.


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